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About Us

Who We Are

Hey, you found us! Maybe you were searching for the best hyaluronic acid or trying to find tropical nail art inspo for your vacation. Whatever brought you, we’re so glad you’re finally here!

Here at Ambrosae, we couldn’t exist without our community of amazing women. We’re always here for a chat. Whether that’s lighthearted conversations about fashion, beauty, and makeup. Or more serious discussions about equality, wellness, and female health.

Our editorial team has worked for some of the biggest beauty, publishing, and fashion houses across the globe. And with a vast array of backgrounds, upbringings, and personal styles, we reflect the nuanced world we live in.

Our website is like your own personal library to all the questions you have about, well, life. Because, let’s be honest, we’re all trying to work it out!

We hope to be a cozy hangout spot you come back to for tips, tricks, and advice. And our writers? Think of them like your big sisters advising you on which foundation shade suits you best, how to ask for a pay rise, or what to put in your self-care routine.

What We Do

Our team at Ambrosae aren’t just beauty and lifestyle writers. We live and breathe the topics we write about. A new serum’s just touched down at Sephora? We’ve already got the swatches on our hands! The temperature is starting to drop? We’re creating the ultimate capsule wardrobe as we speak. You can count on us for the most transparent reviews and deeply personal stories.

What We Believe In

We believe that beauty, lifestyle, and fashion aren’t just a one-size-fits-all pursuit. We celebrate individuality and encourage our readers to be their own biggest fans. Beauty is more than just finding the best mascara. (Although sometimes the best mascara is what you want, and we’re happy to point you in the right direction.) Beauty is about caring for yourself from the inside out, having confidence in who you are, and living with purpose.

We strive to cover the beauty and fashion industries in a way that’s inclusive of different bodies, cultures, sexuality, and races. One type of beauty is not better than others. When it comes to makeup, haircare, and fashion, wear it because you want to. Not because you feel pressure.

There’s beauty in wearing a red lip because you love it, and it gives you confidence. There is beauty in wearing a black lip because you love it, and it gives you confidence. There’s beauty in never wearing lip color in your life because you love your natural lips and don’t want to cover them up.

Beauty is in the freedom of “you do you.”


In a world of #ad posts on Instagram, it can be difficult to know which reviews are genuine and which aren’t. So we give you our full #nofilter opinion. If it’s not the review we’d give our best friend, it’s not getting published.

The Ambrosae Team

We have a diverse team from across the globe with unique interests to give you the most nuanced beauty, fashion, and lifestyle coverage.

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Heather Young

Founder & Manager – With over 10 years of experience in beauty journalism, Heather Young started Amrosae to speak about beauty and lifestyle more authentically.

Heather started her career as a beauty panelist at Cosmopolitan UK and went on to write for Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire. During this time, she reported on a range of beauty news, from London Fashion Week to the UK Fenty makeup launch, and covered a whole lot of trends, trials, and tutorials along the way.

A journalism graduate from Central St Martins, she currently lives in New York City with her husband, son, and puppy Milo.

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Prisha Tamil

Editorial Director – Prisha has lived and breathed fashion since she first started working as a shop assistant at 16 years old. Since then, she went on to study journalism and has had a successful fashion journalism career for over 10 years.

As a fashion journalist at Vogue India, she traveled around the globe to write about the newest fashion collections for her home audience. But she made sure to also shine the spotlight on her home country and also wrote about the Mumbai Fashion scene for international publications.

She believes that fashion has no borders and loves learning about fashion around the world from her international team.

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Leah Knight

Senior Editor – Leah is part of the founding team at Ambrosae and oversees all the content on our website.

Before joining our team, she was a reporter and editor at Cosmopolitan, then a digital editor at Glamour Magazine. She’s passionate about the wellness space and believes that this should be more than a buzzword.

As a Creative Writing graduate from NYU, she writes short stories and poetry in her free time. All while sampling the season’s trending candles ― a task she always proactively volunteers to do.

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Anna Roberts

Editor – Anna has been a fashion editor for over 5 years and started her career as an intern at Teen Vogue while studying at FIDM in LA. She went on to cover the Style pages for Bustle and LA street style at PopSugar.

She’s renowned around the Ambrosae office for tips on styling white converse or finding the best bits in the Zara sale. She even sends round a hot on the high street email once a week!

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Lisa Bennett

Editor – Lisa is our beauty editor and has been writing in the skincare sphere for over 6 years. As an Aussie native, she comes to us with all the new innovations from the land down under and is the first to know what’s trending in the southern hemisphere.

While studying for her Media & Communications degree at Melbourne University, she did an internship with Edible Beauty, where she became passionate about the world of organic skincare. She then went on to write 100s of articles about skincare for Grazia Australia.

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Jessica Mitchell

Senior Writer – Jessica is a senior writer at Ambrosae. Before joining the team, she contributed articles to Allure, Self, And Women’s Health.

She discovered her passion for fitness while working on reception at her local pilates studios. She then went on to document her fitness journey online and loves nothing more than finding the perfect pair of yoga pants or creating the most delicious smoothie bowl.

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Alyssa Jackson

Writer – Alyssa is a writer who specializes in Women’s Issues. She started her career at Glamour, and her writing has also been featured in other Conde Nast publications like Allure and Teen Vogue.

She’s an active campaigner for abolishing tampon tax and eradicating period poverty worldwide. In addition to her writing for Ambrosae, she creates daily musings about female empowerment on her personal blog.

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Jasmine Green

Writer – Jasmine is a writer who specializes in hair. Originally trained as a colorist by Tony & Guy in London, she’s worked at London and Paris Fashion Weeks. She has made media appearances on British breakfast TV to talk about her experiences.

She moved into the beauty journalism sphere 3 years ago. Her articles have been featured on Buzzfeed, Refinery29, and Stylist, and she’s renowned for her professional outlook on the hair industry.

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Hanna Min-Jung

Writer – Hanna is a beauty enthusiast, always eager to drop her skincare routine on Instagram Stories. She was a social media assistant and content creator for Amore Pacific before joining the Ambrosae team.

She’s the proud mom to a flawless 10-step skincare routine and can often be found writing about the newest makeup releases while wearing a sheet mask.

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Amanda (Mandi) Kennedy

Writer – Mandi is a fashion writer and takes charge of our luxury edits. She started her career as a sales assistant at Saks Fifth Avenue while studying Fashion Business Management at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Upon graduating, she began an internship at LVMH, before becoming a social media assistant for Bvlgari.

If you’re looking to invest in your first designer bag, this is the girl you need to speak to!

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Jennifer Hart

Writer – Jennifer is a writer who specializes in beauty. She studied journalism at California State University and interned with the social media department at Urban Decay. After completing her studies, she was a junior writer for LA Magazine, writing dozens of articles about LA beauty brands before coming to Ambrosae.

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Nancy Harper

Writer – Nancy is a writer with unrivaled knowledge about the makeup industry. She built a love for makeup while working on the beauty counter for Estee Lauder and became a qualified makeup artist during this time. After getting noticed for her beauty coverage on social media, she began contributing makeup tips and tutorials on Grazia’s digital spaces.

She’s passionate about writing about makeup in a way that’s educational to makeup artists while also being accessible to your everyday reader.